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mechanical field engineer salary


Engineers are the leading professionals in mechanical engineering. Design, test, develop and supervise the production of machines, tools, motors and other mechanical equipment. They averaged US $ 83,550 per year, but the highest-paid 10% earned an average annual salary of mechanical field engineer salary​ US $ 119,950, while the lowest wage earners earned less than US $ 51,340 annually. Mechanical engineers need at least a bachelor's degree to enter the profession. However, management positions usually require a master's degree. Professional engineers who offered their services directly to the public need state licenses, which requires an accredited education, at least four years of related work experience and passing a state exam.

Engineer jobs

The highest paid employers of mechanical engineers were in the industry that the BLS identifies as real estate renters, at an average of US $ 119,380 per year. In these jobs, engineers handled mechanical devices in lease structures, such as climate control systems, elevator machines, and devices for door control and area access. The state with the highest salaries was Alaska with an annual average of US $ 102,860. At this level, the oil industry contracted mechanical engineers to develop drilling equipment and pipe distribution. For metropolitan areas, the Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, Michigan area topped the compensation list, with an average of $ 90,940 in annual salary.


Mechanical engineering technicians help mechanical engineers to develop, test and manufacture equipment for industry and consumers. However, they can perform many tasks on their own, such as running test procedures, recording results and modifying products based on tests. These averaged US $ 53,830 annually, with an annual range below US $ 33,370 to above US $ 76,660. They usually require an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology, which is available at vocational schools and community colleges. Bachelor's degrees are also available in some institutions.

Technicians jobs

The technicians found their highest average annual salaries of US $ 75,820 in the manufacture of basic chemistry, where they worked on devices that produce chemicals for the factories. The state with the highest-paying jobs was Maryland, with an average of US $ 61,490 per year. Major industries for the profession include the aerospace field, defense and business of new technology companies, such as solar, wind and biomass. The urban area with the best salary was Matairie-New Orleans-Kenner, Louisiana, at an annual average of US $ 77,010. The largest manufacturing industries in the region for technicians were transportation, chemicals and food.

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